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Jirassic, time tracking done right

You do your work, and we track it.

Be free

Be free from notepads, stickers, pens, browser tabs or any other ancient time tracking technology, Jirassic will track everything automatically.

Work better, faster

There is no other tool out there that is so connected to the way programmers work today.


Jirassic is made for agile developers.

Developers who use Jira for the software development process
Developers who have to track their time in order to get paid
Developers who use Git and branches and do code reviews


  • Track automatically the time you’ve spent on Jira tasks

  • Track automatically lunch break

  • Track daily scrum meetings

  • Track code reviews

  • Track and ignore the wasted time

  • View reports

How it works

  • When you come in the office in the morning Jirassic will ask you to start the day

  • For the rest of the day log tasks when you finish them, not when you start. The premise is that you're always doing something, but don't worry you can log wasted time too, just that it will not add to the total worked time

  • Tasks can be logged in multiple ways: manually by clicking + on an existing item in the list; automatically when commiting to git; for the time spent away from the computer you'll be asked what did you do; from command line with jirassic cli

  • At the end of the day/week/month you can see the reports and save them to Jira Tempo


Jirassic can track meetings and lunch out of the box, but if you're a programmer you can automate it even more, you can track your git commits and log time from command line, you can track code reviews and wasted time. Jirassic needs Applescript support for that and you can install it by running this commands in Terminal

CLI support

This Applescript allows Jirassic to communicate with the command line, needed to read git logs

$ sudo curl -o ~/Library/Application\ Scripts/com.jirassic.macos/ShellSupport.scpt

Browsers support

This Applescript allows Jirassic to communicate with the browser and it sees when you do code reviews and when you waste time on facebook & co. It supports Safari, all Chromes, and some more.

$ sudo curl -o ~/Library/Application\ Scripts/com.jirassic.macos/BrowserSupport.scpt

Jirassic CLI

Use jirassic from the command line, totally optional but totally cool. The data will sync with iCloud when the mac app gets open.

$ sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/jirassic

$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/jirassic

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